In love with an addict?

It is physically and emotionally draining to love someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol. The person you love may at times morph into an unpredictable, secretive and even violent stranger. Yet walking away is not always a simple option. This book helps family members see the dynamics of their relationship with the addict and to take control of their own lives and needs. It helps them to make decisions about the relationship’s future and shows them how to remain sane when everything seems out of control.

6 weeks to evolved recovery

Giving up harmful ways of using alcohol or drugs is the first step on the road to a new you. However, all too often, you can still feel sick, bloated, lethargic. It’s enough to send you to the bar for a quick drink! The authors of 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery have been down that path and have come up with an impressive guide to help you reach a sense of true well being.