About these reviews

There are many ‘addiction treatments’. Some are a waste of time and money. Others are founded on the evidence of what really helps. The following programs and products are all available online, and can be used anonymously in the privacy of your own home. The reviews will help you decide what might be most helpful and effective for you. Every person’s journey and needs are different. All information provided here is a guide only and results will vary according to each individual.

It’s hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it.

– Ken Hensley

Chief editor

Jenny Tinworth spent almost 20 years editing Australia’s top magazines for people working with drug and alcohol addictions. Now she brings her knowledge and experience to speak directly to people struggling with alcohol or drugs.

Worried about how you drink or use drugs?

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Drop the addiction

Hypnosis can be a powerful technique to support recovery from addiction. Developed by a renown practitioner, this audio program assists the subconscious to reprogram the addiction pathways and build new attitudes towards an ongoing healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


In love with an addict?

It is physically and emotionally draining to love someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol. The person you love may at times morph into an unpredictable, secretive and even violent stranger. Yet walking away is not always a simple option. This book helps family members see the dynamics of their relationship with the addict and to take control of their own lives and needs. It helps them to make decisions about the relationship’s future and shows them how to remain sane when everything seems out of control.


6 weeks to evolved recovery

Giving up harmful ways of using alcohol or drugs is the first step on the road to a new you. However, all too often, you can still feel sick, bloated, lethargic. It’s enough to send you to the bar for a quick drink! The authors of 6 Weeks to Evolved Recovery have been down that path and have come up with an impressive guide to help you reach a sense of true well being.


Quitting weed: The complete guide

Because cannabis can stay in the body for many months, it can be particularly difficult to stop using. Quitting weed: The complete guide includes a detox element to help rid the body of cannabis chemicals which can stay in the body for months after use. The ebook and audio series tackles cannabis addiction from a number of angles.


Quit smoking magic

Quit Smoking Magic makes an extraordinary claim that 98% of people who have used it have successful kicked the smoking habit. Given the difficulty most people have in stopping smoking, this is a BIG claim. However, author Mike Avery is confident enough to offer a 100% money-back guarantee to those who try the program and…


Alcohol free forever

Alcohol is so commonly used that it’s very easy to fall into a daily pattern of drinking relatively large amounts of alcohol. However, that social use can develop into a dependence that causes health, career and relationship problems. We may even hide our drinking because we, or the people we love, are embarrassed about how…


The 30 day no alcohol challenge

Developed by ESPN sports anchor James Swanwick, this is a test-the-water kind of program which asks participants to challenge themselves to take a 30-day break from alcohol, with the backing of an arsenal of online support and resources. It doesn’t claim to be a cure for alcoholism, but instead encourages participants to experience the positive…


Truth of addiction

Addiction happens when something we like to do dominates our lives and stops us from getting the stuff done that needs to be done, Our addiction can be around anything from alcohol and drugs to porn, gambling or sport. This is a good general program that helps us address whatever behaviour it is that is creating problems in our lives.