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Worried about your drinking or drug use?

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Not everyone who struggles with their use of alcohol or drugs seeks professional help. Maybe they’re too embarrassed, or they don’t want people to know. Or they just don’t have the time or money to invest in a treatment program that’s only on when they’re at work, or could take them away from home for weeks, leaving them and their family without an income.

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Jenny Tinworth. For almost 20 years, I was the editor of Australia’s two leading magazines for people who worked at the frontline of drug and alcohol problems. At Connexions and Of Substance, I learnt more about alcohol and drugs than I ever wanted to know!

Believe me, I saw it all! From highly functioning professionals who sometimes used alcohol or illicit drugs in harmful ways to people who lived on the streets or were in and out of jail because of the problems they or their loved ones had with drugs. I realised that almost everyone was impacted by alcohol, drugs and the problems they can create.

And I quickly realised that many people never received the help that would give them the relief and happy lifestyle they craved. While many came for help, even greater numbers were on waiting lists because clinics couldn’t take them, others were hindered by the need to earn a living or because their families needed them. Or they just didn’t have the transport to get to a doctor or clinic.

As editor of the go-to magazines for tens of thousands of clinicians who worked at the front line of drug-related problems, I saw all manner of ‘cures’ and ‘treatments’. Some of them were nothing more than popular short-term ‘fixes’ that did more harm than good. Others were firmly founded in science and were backed by years of evidence to show that the treatment was effective and could really make a difference in helping people.

Too often I’ve seen shonks or even well-meaning people flogging treatments and programs that have very little, if any, evidence to back their claims. But when you’re desperate to change your life or to help a loved one recover from a alcohol or other drug-related problem, you’ll grasp at any straw.

So I’ve set up this website to assist people who aren’t able to physically get to a GP or clinic to find solutions that are effective and will give them the relief they seek. I’ll talk about:

  • Not all drug problems are a result of addiction
  • What addiction is and how it affects us
  • How to beat addiction
  • Individual drugs and specific targeted treatment options
  • Reviews of different treatment programs

Everything I write will be based on my many years of studying the science and academic literature about drugs and alcohol, and talking to both clinicians and people who use drugs. I have been privileged to have many of Australia’s leading drug experts and researchers as friends and mentors.

Obviously, one on one medical attention is always the best option if you are experiencing health problems from your use of alcohol or drugs, but if you’re not ready or able to take that step, I hope this site will provide you with information which will help you get control of your use. Throughout the site, I provide links to various organisations and products which may be of interest to readers. On some of those products I may earn a small commission if you happen to buy them. That in no way affects my opinion of those products and services. I respect my readers too much to promote something that I consider wouldn’t be of value to them. The small commission I receive from some products helps me to continue providing this website resource.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you have questions or comments, please contact me.