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Jen's picAre you or someone you love drinking a bit more than you would like? Did you try taking an illicit drug just for fun, only to find yourself craving that drug constantly? Have you tried everything you can to quit smoking? Then this website is for you. Drug and alcohol expert Jenny Tinworth cuts through the minefield of misinformation about addiction and focuses on the evidence of what really works when it comes to getting help for drug and alcohol problems.

Worried about your drinking or drug use?

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Getting help for an alcohol or drug problem

There are many treatment options for the person with an alcohol or drug problem. Discover the most common approaches and work out which option, or combination of options, might be best for you.

Addiction: What is it?

Some people think addiction is a disease; others like to think that it is just a lack of willpower.

What we do know is that addiction, whether it be to alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs, is characterized by an inability to stop using the substance, even though it might be causing lifestyle, relationship or health problems. There have been huge advances in recent years showing how drugs and addiction affect the brain.

Addiction & the brain

The brain of someone who is dependent on alcohol and other drugs works differently from that of someone who doesn’t rely on substances. This video provides a good illustration of how addiction affects the brain’s neural functioning.